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  • Fast Roots in Cuttings of Plants : Healthy and fast roots in almost all types of plants, quickly gets heavy roots for a healthy plants.
  • Very easy to Use and Store : Just keep the cutting in water for few hours, so that cutting can absorb water properly. Then dip the cuttings in the sansar Green rooting Hormone Powder and plant it in planting media. Comes in re usable box, lats long and easy to store.
  • Premium Rooting Hormone Powder: Prepared from premium quality rooting ingredients under the supervision of the top gardening experts. Quality is always tested, processed for getting optimum root growth results and very effective on the plant’s overall root growth.
  • Full of Root Growth nutrients : Grow roots of the plants very fast and helps in fighting diseases that affect the plants growth.
  • A Complete Fast Rooting Hormone Powder Which Stimulates Rapid And Prolific Rooting Of All Types Of Plants Cutting


SKU: Rooton-st
₹299.00 Regular Price
₹150.00Sale Price
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