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  • The team of beneficial microbes in Rose Beauty work on soil, rockwool, coco and any other growing technique. Flower Booster facilitates better nutrient absorption by creating a symbiotic relationship between the microbes in the product with your plants' roots. Enhances plant growth and protects from pests and diseases.
  • Rose Care Fertiliser Boosts Branching and Flowering.
  • APPLICATION & DOSE: When topping up soil for potted plant, apply 25-50 gm before watering the plant during early morning or late evening. Water the plants immediately after the application. Apply the product every 2 weeks.
  • Grow bigger and healthier flowers with the soil enhancing ingredients of Rose Beauty. Improve water infiltration and retention in your plant's root zone by giving it the exact ratio of nutrients needed for successful growth from seed to harvest. Improves flowering and maximizes fruit formation.
  • Rose beauty fertiliser helps to enlarge the roots and strengthen the rose stems by increasing the ability of roots to more efficiently absorb essential nutrients and water.

Rose Beauty

₹182.00 Regular Price
₹120.00Sale Price
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