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  • Horticultural Vermiculite has the excellent property of improving soil aeration while retaining the moisture and nutrients necessary to feed roots, cuttings, and seeds for faster growth.
  • Vermiculite possesses cation exhange properties, thus it can hold and make available to the growing plant ammonium, potassium, calcium and magnesium.
  • When mixed with peat, composted bark, organic compost, or natural soils, vermiculite like perlite helps promote faster root growth, and gives quick anchorage to young roots. These mixes help retain air, plant food, and moisture, and releases them as needed by the plant.
  • Because vermiculite is very light and easy to handle, it easily mixes with soil, peat, composted pine bark and other composted organic materials, fertilizers, pesticides and herbicides. And when used as a carrier or bulking agent, it ensures more even distribution.
  • vermiculite is the standard among professional nurserymen for many horticultural uses including the insertion of cuttings. Like fine grades of perlite, these finer grades of vermiculite may be used directly as poured from the bag. Simply water the vermiculite thoroughly and insert the cuttings. And if the container has sufficient drainage, over wetting or watering normally is not a serious concern.

Vermiculite 500gms

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